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Daily Archives: August 17th, 2020

AS the election arrives, TOTUS and his minions are selling the mineral and oil rights off in spite of a Congressional ban. No doubt  the sale would benefit TOTUS and his minions, some of his larcenous contacts. It is well to remember that this sort of behavior is well established in this administration as well as actions and events that occurred in TOTUS’s personal business- eg. “a leopard can’t change his spots”MA

By Bloomberg News

The Trump administration on Monday authorized a sweeping plan to sell drilling rights and spur oil development in Alaska’s rugged Arctic refuge, setting up a possible auction by the end of 2020 and a political clash if the president loses the November election.

The Interior Department’s decision approves oil leasing across the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s entire 1.56-million-acre coastal plain – an area the size of Delaware that’s home to polar bears and caribou. Though Congress earmarked the area for possible energy development in 1980, it has remained off-limits to oil drilling for decades.


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