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Daily Archives: August 10th, 2020

Apparently TOTUS and the GOP think that the social security benefit for all or most of us  who have worked 20 plus years for is an entitlement. While many jobs and occupations offer and provide retirement benefits and opportunities, we still pay social security taxes. This has always been a hands off fund but the GOP and TOTUS have attempted to eliminate it , alter it and otherwise gut it! As a voter and a Senior, I will not be voting to elect any member of the the GOP and especially TOTUS (who is a can of worms all to himself). No matter what your party preference or subset is, you should think about the fact that what affects one of us, affects all of us even if it hurts one more than the other. The Government is “of the people and at the behest of the people” through our vote. Do not squander that privilege based on lies and inaccuracies just because it sounds good. Politics while  entertaining(?) is a serious business that uses the entertainment factor to cover the facts and to that end alter your voting. The latest spate of B.S. is mail in voting. TOTUS knows that he is in dire straits as far as the upcoming election as with many members of Congress so he using the trope that mail in voting will result in fraud- the only fraud we have is this administration and his abettors in Congress. Please do not be swayed by the Tweet storm from our blather in chief and his allies, we need him and his cronies on the street, not in our National House! If left to his own devices our hard earned Back stop will be gone.


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