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Daily Archives: August 29th, 2020



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In the recent RNC convention, I have noticed that in the remarks, many members of the White House staff and some party members have stated that they get tested daily. If this is indeed the case, then why is it that we do not have national testing yet? These statements are either lies or political rhetoric. Why would “our leaders” withhold testing from the citizenry? This question should puzzle all of us. Why is Dr. Fauci left out of conversations while the CDC issues false information and then is forced to retract it? We already know that the administration has no ability to tell the truth, yet why would testing be withheld from the public as this would be boost for them in this election season? This could be a conundrum if they were honest people however their track record for the truth is full of ruts and potholes. These questions and statements could apply to any political party but it applies to the one currently in control of the White House. It is a long standing sense from many voters that politicians are not trustworthy but we pay attention to what they say and do. If you remove party from politics, you have individuals with their personal faults which influence their actions on their behalf not ours (the people who elected them). It is odd that we (voters) to our detriment have become inured to the ramblings of our elected officials, shouldn’t we take the rose colored glasses off and take a serious look at who we are voting for?

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