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If you are paying attention , really paying attention you may have noticed that each event with TOTUS is a rally with attendees flouting the guidelines for COVID (masks, distancing and possibly hand hygiene). After these rally’s there is an upsurge of Covid cases. TOTUS never mentions these upsurges, is it possible that he place no importance on the health of his “base” or he doesn’t care? After months of an unresolved or properly addressed pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn, the administration has done nothing more than tout “pie in the sky” cures much like the “snake oil salesman” of the early days of our country. It is incredible to me that so many seemingly intelligent people follow this uninformed leader. As an assortment of reports come in from numerous locations across the country especially areas that have suffered unrest, I am at once surprised and appalled at lack of knowledge potential voters have on the issues. I should say these voters seem to have one (1) issue rather than a wide view of all of the issues and how they affect them now and in the future. It seems that many people cannot see the long range effects of poor legislation since they think it can’t hurt them. A little gruesome thought: The followers of Jim Jones possibly thought the same thing when they drank the “koolaid”!

This Presidency has been and is one of the biggest cons to be perpetrated on the voters of this country. This is all being viewed by our allies with incredulity and our enemies with delight yet the voters (TOTUS supporters) can’t see the forest for the trees (which under this administration are in danger). The cure for bad government is an informed electorate and you do not have to be a legal scholar to know what the Constitution provides us as citizens but you do have a mind to recognize truth from fiction or at the least be willing to search for truth.


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