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Recently it was expressed that the White House and it’s occupants were tested daily. TOTUS has decried testing as something we should stop doing as it exposes more positive cases. Taking that statement along with the lack of Federal guidance in this pandemic flies in the face of all independent medical information. Having each state fend for themselves in this situation is counter productive and puts us all at risk as well as having each state fighting over guidelines and resources. Practicality would dictate that a Federal response with a plan to attack the virus is prudent however that is not the style of this President and the majority party in the Senate or more directly Senate leader “Bitch” McConnell. I would suggest all eligible voters look at the events of this year alone and decide if you want more of the same or anything different as the status quo could kill more of us due to inaction and or ineffective action. This administration has failed to protect and serve us in most ways. As voters we need to avoid drinking the Government “Kool aid” and vote for someone else. Above all ask the question: “What about Us”!


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