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Daily Archives: October 13th, 2020

We have all determined that Politicians lie, they do it on our dime and to us repeatedly. The cure or at least a partial cure is to allow them 2 two terms only. Politicians should not have the ability to retire on taxpayers funds. These positions were designed to be part time as many members had other forms of work and income (including slaves). Keep in mind that the Congress will never place term limits on their tenures since they are the people who make and enact these laws. The only cure is the vote. When we (VOTERS) stop phoning it in in elections we have an opportunity to have a functioning government that truly represents ALL VOTERS. We (voters) have become addicted to “entertainment” electioneering and political campaigns, we need to get over it and do our due diligence in vetting the people we vote for. Our current elected officials have made Government a punch line instead of a way to run a country. The political class (if you can call it class) has made public service a way to manipulate society in their favor and enhance themselves and their associates. Consider the current Presidency and the abetting Congress, their goal is to permit “Conservative” control over the government which will only perpetrate the ills of the past 50 plus years on all (especially the lower income Americans). The vote is the most powerful tool as Americans we have and we need to use it intelligently and in an informed way. Unless we as voters understand the impact of electing or re electing bad government managers, good government will never happen.


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