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Daily Archives: October 10th, 2020

TOTUS stated that he may be immune now since he has had COVID. Since his treatment was shortened -probably Against Medical advice, it is conceivable and (closer to) probable that he is still contagious and looking to do rallies to spread the virus more. This highlights his disdain for anyone but the person he sees in his mirror daily. It is unfortunate that so many voters fail to look beyond the entertainment and follow the pied piper of ignorance and ineptitude as if he really has some intelligence. An informed voter should spend some time listening or viewing multiple sources of news to get a better idea of the issues that affect them. Politricks is the ultimate manipulative tool and since elections occur several years apart, there is the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome that allows the previous lies to be forgotten while the same lies are recycled allowing for another round of outrage that obscures the truth. TOTUS has mastered this “art” form as he has used it all of his life and in his failed business ventures. From faker to taker, from pauper to thief, TOTUS has failed upward.


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