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What is it in a lie that attracts the attention of people? This ongoing diatribe and tweetstorm by TOTUS has become more than a distraction. It has been joined by several members of Congress who have a track record of misleading their constituents. I am wondering if those constituents are really paying attention and understand that their representatives are working for TOTUS and not them (the people who elected them). The ongoing and failing lawsuits over “phantom” election fraud are expensive and time consuming. All of this takes time and funds from the proper operation of the Government. It should be clear that the current and temporary White House occupant has failed for years to deliver on his boasts of better governance and “winning”. We need a stable Federal government and we will not get it by retaining loyalists to a party rather than the voters. There will never be a perfect government but we can get better government by limiting the ability of elected officials to stay in office longer than their usefulness to the public. There comes a time when elected officials who get re elected time after time become comfortable and act against the good of the country and the voters while espousing their devotion to us (the voters), much like a 2 timing lover.


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Separation of Church and state is what allows a person to worship as they want without Government interference but not to the point of Religion altering the Government for the sake of religious beliefs. That being said the push for the installation of the new High court justice who is a conservative republican and catholic. The hope is to keep the court conservative for years to come. This shift shows how unconcerned the GOP is about the needs of the voters (all of them) and the country. Their aim is to consolidate and maintain their big money donors, many of whom are Conservative Christians whose narrow focus on religion is closing the gap on separation of Church and state. This gap allows for individual worship choices and the medical choices of the individual citizen. The bottom line is that the GOP has shown that they are for sale and will sell out the country as required.


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TOTUS’ unwillingness to concede the election has left the country in a vulnerable position at home and aboard. The transition is not taking place and the administration is blind to existential threats. The pandemic is still uncontrolled and the government is in free fall. This blatant and not unexpected resistance to making this transition is indicative of TOTUS’s lack of ability to govern. In my opinion TOTUS (Trump) is directly responsible for each and every death due to the Corona virus which he denied existed and continued to downplay on twitter and at rallies with no masking or distancing. In the same vein of his administration he has denied the virus’s scope and danger. He has stated the progress on a vaccine multiple times with no facts to back his claims. His ” bout” with the virus could very well have been yet another falsehood abet his re election bid. Now that it is proven that he has lost his reelection bid, he is stalling the transition of the President elect and at the same time condemning more voter’s (including his followers) to exposure and possibly death. This should be a time when voters unite no matter their beliefs to get a handle on this disease. The GOP in general has failed to do the job they were elected to do for fear of the TOTUS who is on the way out and leaving a wake of failed governance causing harm to the country and the voters whom they are supposed to represent. Reject the proven stream of lies from TOTUS and we may all just survive his Miscreancy and Covid19 .


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It should be noted that Republican “fixer” Marc Lotter has stated that the Trump campaign is still collecting funds to help the President but only a small portion is going to that debt. Most will go to the President and the GOP. It appears that the Campaign and the TOTUS are fleecing their supporters. MA.
Lydia O’Connor·Reporter, HuffPostMon, November 16, 2020, 6:34 PM

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) denied claims that he pressured Georgia’s secretary of state to find ways to throw out legal ballots, telling reporters Monday that it’s “ridiculous” to interpret their conversation that way.

Graham, one of the Republicans pushing outgoing President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud in the Nov. 3 election, commented on the matter after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger gave an interview to The Washington Post saying Graham asked him Friday if Raffensperger could toss out all the mail-in ballots in counties with higher rates of signature-matching issues.

Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, denied that’s what he said.

“I think that’s just ridiculous. If he feels threatened by that conversation, he’s got a problem. I actually thought it was a good conversation,” he said, adding he was only suggesting Georgia enforce a stricter signature verification process.

“I never said that,” he said of Raffensperger’s statement. “I said, ‘Do you have power as secretary of state to require bipartisan verification of the signature,’ because right now they don’t. What I want to see happen all over the country, if we’re going to use mail-in voting … is that when it comes to verifying signatures, that you have a process that’s bipartisan, where both sides can look at the signature. If there’s a dispute about whether or not you think it’s valid, you put it in some kind of appeal system.”

Raffensperger, a Republican, told the Post that it was clear to him that Graham was suggesting he find a way to throw out ballots.

“It sure looked like he was wanting to go down that road,” he said. After Graham’s response came out, he stood by his assertion on CNN.

“The implication is ‘Look hard and see how many ballots you can throw,’” he said.

Since Trump lost his bid for reelection, Graham has been part of the GOP chorus questioning the integrity of the electoral process and expressing outrage at the media for calling the winner based on results released by the states, despite that being the case in all modern elections. In 2016, for example, Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton conceded to Trump the day after the election, based on vote projections, even though final tallies were days or even weeks away in several states.

“This is a contested election,” Graham said on Fox News last week. “The media doesn’t decide who becomes president. If they did, you would never have a Republican president forever. So we’re discounting them.”

He added: “If I were President Trump, I’d take all of this to court. I’d fight back. …. If we don’t fight back in 2020, we’re never going to win again presidentially. A lot’s at stake here.”


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In the past 160 years or so the political parties have changed names, attitudes, goals and ideals. What is especially interesting is the shift of Republicans to Democrats and Democrats to Dixiecrats. These are the most notable party switches or perhaps the most known. These switches have to do with a change in ideals and personal political feelings. This does not change the person! The same miscreants or people of integrity will still be the same. To put a face to this lets look at Mitch McConnell: Moscow Mitch has spent his time in Congress embellishing and shoring up his own brand. He has consistently used race as a lever to continue in office, convincing the Coal miners who are dying from poor health regulations that he is working for them and the “Democrats” are killing the coal industry. The real reason for the coal decline is the use of other fossil fuels which are less expensive, the resistance of Mine owners to maintain a better work environment and pay scale. Many of the closed mines are the result of the owners closing through bankruptcy, leaving nothing for the workers (pensions, unemployment, etc.). Meanwhile Mr. McConnell has continued to push the lies that will keep him in office no matter the consequences to his constituents. He is at once a Racist, misogynist and general miscreant out to feather his own nest with gilded feathers even to producing a Conservative Judicial system that will hurt us all. Botch has no qualms in doing what benefits him while “Madoffing” the rest of us.


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Here’s how you and your family can stay safer

by Mike Zimmerman, AARP, November 9, 2020 | 

En Espanol We don’t need more proof of how dangerous the coronavirus is.

We know that more than 237,000 Americans had died of the disease as of early November, and 95 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have occurred among people who were 50 or older. We know preexisting conditions such as obesity, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and type 2 diabetes make coronavirus infection even riskier. We know COVID-19 can cause blood clotting that can ravage your lungs and inflammation that can damage your heart and organs; a viral attack on your pancreas can even cause “COVID diabetes.” And infections can sometimes linger for months in so-called “long haulers.”

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Yet we’ve isolated ourselves for more than eight months now, and the psychological toll of COVID is real. A study from early in the pandemic found “moderate” and “severe” depression symptoms had tripled.

Now the holidays are here, and we’re missing our friends and loved ones more than ever. Can we safely celebrate the holidays and the end of a long, lousy year?

“We’re not out of the woods with COVID-19,” says Michael G. Ison, M.D., infectious disease specialist at Northwestern Medicine in Illinois. “The virus is still there. It’s still dangerous.”

To help us cope with the coming holidays, we queried top experts about navigating the season safely and warmly.

1. A relative had COVID-19 several weeks ago. Can he or she still make me sick?

People who have had the virus generally stop spreading it 10 to 14 days after exhibiting symptoms. But the more we learn about the coronavirus, the more twists and turns we discover. For that reason, anyone who has contracted the virus, or thinks he’s been exposed to it, should be cleared by a doctor before seeing anyone, says Sten Vermund, M.D., dean of the Yale School of Public Health.

That said, “those people are largely safe,” Vermund asserts. “ ‘Totally safe’ would be a slight exaggeration, but the functional reality is that a recovered coronavirus patient poses a minimal risk to others.”

2. I tested positive for COVID earlier this year. Does that mean I’m immune now?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the answer to that. People who recover from the virus do have some level of acquired immunity, but it’s difficult to know how much or for how long. Research is conflicting: A study of 1,100 COVID patients in the New England Journal of Medicine found that patients had no decline in antibodies four months after diagnosis. But a separate study found antibodies peaking 60 days after diagnosis and declining thereafter. And, of course, there have been a handful of widely reported cases of people contracting the virus more than once.

“When we look at immune responses, we look at how much antibody is in the blood,” Ison says. “With most viruses, that level goes down slowly over time, particularly with older people.” But the coronavirus is a whole new beast. “We’ve only known about this virus for about nine months,” Ison says. “Even for the earliest patients, all we can say is that immunity may last for nine months. Whether it lasts any longer, we can’t know yet.”

The severity of one’s infection may determine subsequent antibody levels and how long they last. One study of COVID-19 patients in China who had zero symptoms found significantly lower antibody levels than in patients with symptoms. Common sense would point to asymptomatic people being more vulnerable to reinfection because of low or no antibodies. But we simply don’t know enough about what antibody level is required to protect people from COVID-19.

3. Is catching the coronavirus linked to how much time we spend together?

The amount of exposure you have to the virus — both in terms of how sick another person is and how much time you spend with him or her — does appear to determine your risk, says Thomas Fekete, M.D., professor of microbiology and immunology at Temple University. That’s why so many health care providers have gotten sick, especially at the start of the pandemic, when they had inadequate personal protective equipment.

While there are no established guidelines, Fekete suggests modeling how you handle indoor spaces on the policies in place at Temple’s medical school: More than 15 minutes of exposure to another person is “meaningful,” while fewer than 15 minutes of exposure is less worrisome. “We’re less concerned if someone rides an elevator with someone for 30 seconds than if he or she shares a small space with someone for an hour,” he says. “Our policy also mandates wearing a mask and eye protection. That said, there are no guarantees.”

And that’s what makes holiday gatherings so problematic. An infected person will throw off more virus when talking than when breathing — and more still when singing Christmas carols or shouting to be heard.

4. We’ve already had a bad outbreak in my town. Have we reached herd immunity?

As the pandemic has progressed, you may have heard about getting the U.S. population to a point where enough people have been exposed to the virus — either by infection or vaccine — that it’s no longer a threat. This “herd immunity” is a real thing — the U.S. all but eradicated measles because an effective vaccine created herd immunity. Just don’t expect this to happen soon with COVID-19.

“Herd immunity requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 percent of the population having immunity,” Ison says. “The epidemiology studies have gone on to tell us that even in the worst areas like New York, it’s in the 20 percent range, and in most areas in the 3 to 10 percent range.”

A COVID-19 vaccine could change that, but again, we’re nowhere near that point. “As we’ve seen with other viruses, if people don’t get the vaccine, we get outbreaks,” he says. “So herd immunity not only takes an effective vaccine, but a willingness to get that vaccine.”

5. If I do host a holiday gathering, are there any rules I should put in place for my family?

Here’s a good one: Nobody gets to come to dinner unless he or she has had a flu shot. The reasons go far beyond the usual in 2020. Flu and COVID-19 symptoms are similar, so if you become ill with the flu, it could necessitate a trip to the doctor or even the hospital, which puts you at additional risk. And yes, it’s possible to get both, either one after the other, or simultaneously, Vermund says. Just imagine getting COVID after your lungs have already been dealing with the flu.

Vermund puts it bluntly: “It is essential for people to get the influenza vaccine. And I mean everybody: children, pregnant women, young adults, middle age, older adults, seniors, everyone.”

6. My whole family is in excellent health. Does COVID-19 really pose a threat to us?

The fact is, researchers cannot predict how sick any one person will get if infected by the coronavirus. Recent research out of Stanford suggests that patients with more severe COVID-19 symptoms tend to have higher levels of certain inflammatory molecules in their blood. This could help experts predict severity in the years to come. But right now?

“None of us are clear [about] what’s going to happen,” Fekete says. Which means even if you’re a “healthy” person, getting COVID-19 is a risk to yourself and everyone else.

“In the best of all worlds, [precautions] would reduce the impact of coronavirus, but also other respiratory viruses. If that’s the outcome, I think people will be relatively OK over the winter months,” Fekete argues. “Having said that, I’m expecting to see significant outbreaks in certain populations, such as nursing homes and adult living facilities, and also in immunosuppressed people.”

“We’ve had some terrible ageism creeping into politics and medicine,” Vermund says. “There are people who have an attitude, like, ‘Why should I suffer just to protect the elderly?’ And that’s a very unfortunate turn in American society.”

What can you do? Watch out for you and yours, of course, but set a strong example for others you know who may not be as enthusiastic as you are to prevent virus spread.

7. Are our holiday traditions ruined?

After more than six months of distancing and isolation, the pressure to gather for Thanksgiving and other holidays will be massive. But this is just one year, and it would be tragic to get even one family member or friend (or yourself!) sick. Remember: An August wedding in Maine was linked to 178 COVID cases and eight deaths — and none of those who died even attended the event.

“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but this year it can’t be done safely in the usual sense,” Ison says. “We won’t just have COVID-19. We’ll have the flu and other respiratory viruses as well. So it has the potential to be a perfect storm, and we can’t let our guard down. We’ll have to get creative with the holidays, which will require more virtual visits.”

The good news: It’s temporary. “We’re not condemning people to a lifetime of this,” Vermund says. “I do have a great deal of optimism for 2021 because we’ve got more than 400 clinical trials of new antiviral drugs, new biologic agents like monoclonal antibodies, and different steroid strategies. We’ve got 10 vaccines now in phase 3 clinical trials, which is absolutely remarkable. And we can avoid circulating the virus. So I’m just trying to remind people that 2020 is not 2021. We probably can be closer to normal by the end of next year.”


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After Pouring Gasoline On U.S. Divide, Charles Koch Now Claims He Wants To Heal Nation

Mary Papenfuss

·Trends Reporter, HuffPost

Fri, November 13, 2020, 7:17 PM CST

After spending decades bankrolling causes and politicians that fueled America’s increasingly ugly and hostile national divide, billionaire mogul Charles Koch told The Wall Street Journal in an interview Friday that he now wants to focus on bridging the gap he helped create.

Boy, did we screw up. What a mess,” is how the Donald Trump supporter characterizes his partisan battles in his soon-to-be-published book, “Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World,” the Journal noted.

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Now Koch claims he wants to work across party lines to forge solutions to poverty, addiction, gang violence and homelessness, he told the newspaper.

In an email to the Journal, Koch also congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. He said he looked forward to “finding ways to work with them to break down the barriers holding people back, whether in the economy, criminal justice, immigration, the COVID-19 pandemic, or anywhere else.”

He added: “I hope we all use this post-election period to find a better way forward. Because of partisanship, we’ve come to expect too much of politics and too little of ourselves and one another.”

Koch, 85, still runs the conglomerate Koch Industries, with some 130,000 employees, that was begun by his father as a refinery business. He has adamantly opposed climate change mitigation measures that would impact fossil-fuel industries.

Koch and his billionaire brother David, who died last year, helped bankroll and shape 2010′s conservative Tea Party movement and founded the hugely influential conservative organization Americans for Prosperity in 2004.

Koch is listed by Forbes as the 15th richest man in the U.S., and is worth some $45 billion. Koch Industries’ PAC and employees contributed $2.8 million to GOP candidates during the 2020 political cycle, noted the Journal.

The brothers were revealed as the powerful stealth engineers of a radical right movement in the U.S. in the ground-breaking 2016 book “Dark Money,” by New Yorker writer Jane Mayer. The Kochs funded ultra-conservative think tanks, peppered universities with hundreds of rightwing academics and used their wealth to boost an army of conservative politicians into office.

The family money also bankrolls the American Legislative Exchange Council which pens template bills for conservative politicians to introduce in state legislatures across the nation. And Koch plotted back in February to overturn a Trump loss at the polls.

Despite his stated intention to make peace, he railed to the Journal about the constant push to rob individuals of freedom with “top-down” control that stifles innovation. Koch complained about powerful interests lobbying the government, even though Koch Industries spent some $100 million on lobbying, the Journal pointed out.

To say critics are skeptical about Koch’s avowed change of heart would be an understatement. And few on Twitter were in a forgiving mood.


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Trevor Potter, Brendan Fischer  24 mins ago

President Trump’s campaign has been on a fundraising tear since the election he lost Nov. 3, emailing and texting supporters multiple times per day asking for contributions to his “Official Election Defense Fund.”Trump campaign signs sit outside a convention center in Philadelphia last week as votes are counted. (Amanda Voisard for The Washington Post)

The campaign is raising money off false assertions that have apparently helped it pay down its outstanding debt and will help finance the leadership PAC that could allow Trump to retain influence in the Republican Party even after leaving office.

We won’t know how much the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have raised through these fundraising appeals until Dec. 3, when post-election campaign finance reports are due. But it doesn’t look like much of the money he’s been raising will actually go to pay for the recounts or the legal challenges.

Although the fundraising emails refer to an “election defense task force” or an “election defense fund,” in reality, donors are giving to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, where contributions are split between Trump’s committees and the RNC.

Trump’s barrage of lawsuits are incredibly unlikely to have much success, much less change the outcome of the election. And despite these frenzied solicitations asking for money to “defend the election,” the funds these appeals are bringing in are not going first to Trump’s nor the RNC’s recount and legal accounts.

Trump can still make it very hard for the FBI to investigate him next year

Instead, in the first week after the election, the small print on Trump’s post-election donation landing pages showed that 60 percent of each donation would go toward paying down the campaign’s outstanding 2020 election debt — $1.2 million as of Oct. 14, in the most recent filing deadline, but will likely be much higher for up to Nov. 3. The remaining 40 percent would go to the RNC.

In other words, small donors who gave thinking they were helping to pay for the campaign’s legal bills were in fact largely helping cover the Trump campaign’s debt. Until that debt was paid off, only those donors who had already maxed out at $2,800 to Trump’s 2020 campaign would have any of their money go to Trump’s recount account.

On Tuesday, a week after the election, the small print changed: Now, 60 percent of every donation goes to Trump’s new leadership PAC, Save America. Only after a donor gives the $5,000 legal maximum to Save America would any portion of their contribution go to Trump’s recount effort.

The remainder of every check, 40 percent, goes to the RNC, up to the legal maximum of $35,500. Only donors who’ve maxed out to the RNC will have their contributions deposited in the party’s legal and headquarters accounts, each of which can accept contributions of up to $106,500.

Donations to these committees and their designated legal accounts are regulated by federal law. Trump’s recount account may be used only for campaign-related recount and legal fees; he would violate the law if he were to try to spend any excess funds defending himself against tax or fraud investigations in New York, for instance, or for other personal legal expenses.

Trump’s campaign lures donors with absurd financial promises — and insults

However, Trump’s new leadership PAC offers far more flexibility than a recount account. A leadership PAC is supposed to be used to make contributions to candidates, but it also might be used to finance Trump’s travel and rallies, to pay for events at Trump properties and for other purposes. Additionally, although federal law states that any “contribution accepted by a candidate” cannot be used for personal expenses — such as excessive consulting payments to family members or a trip to Disney World — the Federal Election Commission has created ambiguity about the extent to which the personal use ban applies to contributions accepted by a candidate’s or officeholder’s leadership PAC.

In 2018, we at Campaign Legal Center, along with Issue One and five former members of Congress (both Republicans and Democrats), filed a rulemaking petition asking the FEC to clarify that candidates and officeholders cannot abuse funds held in their leadership PAC. The FEC sought and received comments on the petition but so far has failed to act.

Trump has spent the past four years defying norms and the law, and we shouldn’t be surprised if he also seeks to exploit legal gray areas with his new leadership PAC. When the FEC’s quorum is restored, it should act swiftly to adopt rules that prevent Trump or any other candidate from abusing donor funds held in a leadership PAC.


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TOTUS has not survived this election. In the face of defeat he has yet to concede the election. beginning at the first of the year TOTUS has pushed the idea that if he loses to the Democrats it would due to fraud and cheating (he knows a lot about those two things). He pounded the United States Postal Service and appointed one of his political cronies as Post Master who then proceeded to stop overtime (post employees are in short supply) and removed mail sorting machines I believe TOTUS knew he could not win this election honestly so he reverted to his standby: lie, lie and lie. With the Senate on the line Georgia has become crucial and Bitch McConnell who has held up numerous bills using the chance of TOTUS rejecting it as a reason to hold these bills back. First let us look at TOTUS, he has no idea of how government works and does not want to know since it is boring and he can’t dictate what happens. Mr. McConnell wants a legacy of a mover with an excellent record of getting things done. McConnell has sacrificed the good of America’s voters when he held up most if not all of President Obamas initiatives and Judicial appointments. He had no qualms in pushing the selection of a Conservative Judge to fill the High Court vacancy along with the installation of a hundred or more Federal judgeships along party lines. All of these actions are not for the good of the country but for the good of McConnell and the GOP. Meanwhile we as voters work against our own interests by following the party line and ignoring the character of the person or persons we vote for time and time again. Labels are no more than dog whistles in disguise. The primary requirement to making good voting decisions is the character of the person running coupled with what their “label” really stands for. If we blindly follow the flow seemingly “factual” utterings from media “talking Heads” we are destined to have poor representation on going. There are no perfect solutions to politics as it is moving target directed by the badness or goodness of the candidate and the party with its subsets. Doing the homework of reading up on the parties, the current office holders (and aspiring ) is the best start. History is the best teacher in politics. Always remember two letters in the center of the word Politician is “LI”!


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