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TOTUS has not survived this election. In the face of defeat he has yet to concede the election. beginning at the first of the year TOTUS has pushed the idea that if he loses to the Democrats it would due to fraud and cheating (he knows a lot about those two things). He pounded the United States Postal Service and appointed one of his political cronies as Post Master who then proceeded to stop overtime (post employees are in short supply) and removed mail sorting machines I believe TOTUS knew he could not win this election honestly so he reverted to his standby: lie, lie and lie. With the Senate on the line Georgia has become crucial and Bitch McConnell who has held up numerous bills using the chance of TOTUS rejecting it as a reason to hold these bills back. First let us look at TOTUS, he has no idea of how government works and does not want to know since it is boring and he can’t dictate what happens. Mr. McConnell wants a legacy of a mover with an excellent record of getting things done. McConnell has sacrificed the good of America’s voters when he held up most if not all of President Obamas initiatives and Judicial appointments. He had no qualms in pushing the selection of a Conservative Judge to fill the High Court vacancy along with the installation of a hundred or more Federal judgeships along party lines. All of these actions are not for the good of the country but for the good of McConnell and the GOP. Meanwhile we as voters work against our own interests by following the party line and ignoring the character of the person or persons we vote for time and time again. Labels are no more than dog whistles in disguise. The primary requirement to making good voting decisions is the character of the person running coupled with what their “label” really stands for. If we blindly follow the flow seemingly “factual” utterings from media “talking Heads” we are destined to have poor representation on going. There are no perfect solutions to politics as it is moving target directed by the badness or goodness of the candidate and the party with its subsets. Doing the homework of reading up on the parties, the current office holders (and aspiring ) is the best start. History is the best teacher in politics. Always remember two letters in the center of the word Politician is “LI”!


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