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In the past 160 years or so the political parties have changed names, attitudes, goals and ideals. What is especially interesting is the shift of Republicans to Democrats and Democrats to Dixiecrats. These are the most notable party switches or perhaps the most known. These switches have to do with a change in ideals and personal political feelings. This does not change the person! The same miscreants or people of integrity will still be the same. To put a face to this lets look at Mitch McConnell: Moscow Mitch has spent his time in Congress embellishing and shoring up his own brand. He has consistently used race as a lever to continue in office, convincing the Coal miners who are dying from poor health regulations that he is working for them and the “Democrats” are killing the coal industry. The real reason for the coal decline is the use of other fossil fuels which are less expensive, the resistance of Mine owners to maintain a better work environment and pay scale. Many of the closed mines are the result of the owners closing through bankruptcy, leaving nothing for the workers (pensions, unemployment, etc.). Meanwhile Mr. McConnell has continued to push the lies that will keep him in office no matter the consequences to his constituents. He is at once a Racist, misogynist and general miscreant out to feather his own nest with gilded feathers even to producing a Conservative Judicial system that will hurt us all. Botch has no qualms in doing what benefits him while “Madoffing” the rest of us.


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