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What is it in a lie that attracts the attention of people? This ongoing diatribe and tweetstorm by TOTUS has become more than a distraction. It has been joined by several members of Congress who have a track record of misleading their constituents. I am wondering if those constituents are really paying attention and understand that their representatives are working for TOTUS and not them (the people who elected them). The ongoing and failing lawsuits over “phantom” election fraud are expensive and time consuming. All of this takes time and funds from the proper operation of the Government. It should be clear that the current and temporary White House occupant has failed for years to deliver on his boasts of better governance and “winning”. We need a stable Federal government and we will not get it by retaining loyalists to a party rather than the voters. There will never be a perfect government but we can get better government by limiting the ability of elected officials to stay in office longer than their usefulness to the public. There comes a time when elected officials who get re elected time after time become comfortable and act against the good of the country and the voters while espousing their devotion to us (the voters), much like a 2 timing lover.


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