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The current ongoing budget talks marathon is a repeat of many others through the years. It appears that the GOP’s position is conservative spending no matter the effect on the neediest Americans. The Dems seem to working in the opposite direction. Sometimes there is middle ground and a deal is struck. In all of this there is never a delay or stoppage of the Congressional paychecks. There is never an interruption of health care or the threat of eviction. This may never be changed except by the insistence of voters. We can send messages that we are not happy with their work. but as long as we vote by rote, uninformed or underinformed , there will always be poor to awful representation in Congress. This is where our (the voters) will is done. Current members talk one way when running for the office and quickly fall into the
“insiders” trap once seated. It is odd that we never investigate the activities of those we elect until some news article appears which could or could not be factual, offers some detail about an action or behavior. Where we need to be active is asking questions of the people we voted in and keep asking until we receive satisfactory answers. There is and always will be folks who decide to run for office whose beliefs and morality do not allow them to carry out the legal and correct duties of their office for the benefit of ALL voters no matter the party or subset thereof. When we the people do not do our due diligence in vetting aspirants for political office then we get the types of representation we currently have and allow the rise of “depot wannabe’s” such as Donald J. Trump aka “TOTUS”.


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