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With the advent of TOTUS we have seen the worst of our political system. Under the Trump (mis) administration the Religious “right” possible an off shoot or renaming of the “moral Majority” of the late 70’s and early 80’s has emerged again as financial supporters of the GOP. While it is odd that that religious community so strongly supports a morally and mentality corrupt national leader, it is not surprising since these folks have roots in the Puritans who came over to escape religious persecution only to put that on the backs of the indigenous people. Those actions continued to this day and are evidenced in the extreme with the Religious conservatives who supported Donald J. Trump based on his ability to “Ponzi” any idea that promotes him. Totus’s ambitions are limited to what in “his” best interest alone and will through anyone under the bus in that pursuit. This trait as it were is the glue that pulled his coalition together under the umbrella of Republican Conservatism (which is much different than traditional Republican conservatism). No matter the differences of beliefs most members of Congress believe in what’s best for America in general. There are and will always be differences in execution and philosophy but TOTUS has effectively given us (the Voters) a good look at who we have and currently support to represent us. It is our duty as voters to pay careful attention to this first year of the new presidency to understand what better government should look like but keeping in mind the trash that has to cleaned up while addressing the major issues of Covid-19 and the accompanying fiscal issues.


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