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Daily Archives: March 2nd, 2021

The Fox news talking heads have gone ballistic over the recent “town Halls” put on by ABC and NBC with Vice president Biden and President Trump. Fox took the low road as usual insisting that the President was treated poorly by Savannah Guthrie while Biden was treated royally by George Stephanopoulos. So it seems that the enablers in chiefs took exception to TOTUS being asked questions that were inappropriate or just to hard to answer honestly. It should be noted that TOTUS predicted his loss all year by stating that the vote would be stolen however the people spoke and he lost. His allies and agents in the Congress and several Red States have continued with the trope of voter fraud and theft. After 50 plus court tests it has been shown that he lost the election. Now after the votes have been certified in spite of the TOTUS inspired and exhorted “insurrection” several “Red States” are making changes in voting laws to depress the vote in their areas. These attempts at suppression affect people of color and the poorest of those states thereby taking away their voting rights. These efforts will head to the High court where previously Chief Justice Roberts all but “gutted” the 1964 voting rights law. It has again become 1963 before the civil right voting act was put in place, remember that the “Jim Crow” laws were put in place to suppress the “Black Vote” and maintain the pre civil war restrictions for voting. This part of the TOTUS legacy that has garnered healthy (unhealthy?) support in several red states where votes were in dispute despite the fact that the voting was totally legal. It is again incumbent of all of us to voice our opinion no matter your party to maintain the right to vote that is demanded by the Constitution


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