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It is reasonable to see that the former administration was twisting in the wind when it came to governing and foreign relations. the twist started with the “border wall”, denying immigrants who are crossing at the proper crossings the ability to apply for asylum and making them stay in Mexico which puts more pressure on Mexico’s resources and with that additional pressure more people in desperation are crossing illegally often to the detriment of the crossers as the Coyotes who facilitate the illegal crossings have no feelings about their chargers since they demand payment upfront. The rhetoric from the Whitehouse was and had been fractured, misleading or just outright lies. The followers of those Neer do wells were enthralled by his attacks on people, laws and the government in general while their own lots were being affected for the worse by these same attacks. We had a similar situation in Europe where our allies were baffled by his actions and words. His lack of knowledge in general was dangerous ,his ego driven actions were in effect crippling for us a nation. The actions with Israel and the Arab emirates leaving the Palestinians and the Iranians out of the discussion has been seen as a first step to a possible middle east struggle which could spread beyond the middle East and leave the door open for Russian and Chinese interference and influence. The responsibly is at once the fault of TOTUS but ultimately the voters. We have become our own nemeses with our enthusiastic support of possibly the worst national leader in our history. At home we have a pandemic allowed by TOTUS because of his ego not his quote: “I didn’t want to start a panic” as a reason while he did nothing when notified of the potential pandemic earlier last year. (it should be noted that He and the first Lady quietly received the vaccine when it became available yet did not use that to promote the vaccine). We as voters allowed that to happen because we were “entertained” by his on line bullying and irreverent rants and actions. TOTUS’ presidency(?) allowed the rise of the extreme elements of our country along with the baser elements of the political parties. The fault if it can be called that is on the shoulders of the voters by being taken in by a consummate con man and abetted by the long serving Congress whose sole objective is their own interests. A similar event occurred in Europe about 75 years ago with the rise of Adolph Hitler during a low period for Germany (who lost the First war and was devastated by it). We (the USA) had no such low period but we thought we did and were persuaded by the base elements of our society that we were worse off. This persuasion allowed the rise of DJT who saw an opportunity to steal more from us while lining his own pockets and mismanaging the government. Behind the curtain of Trump our neer do well Congress was busily altering the courts, voting rights and immigration. The upshot of this was nothing good for us but we (the voters) were told that it was by the administration, Congress, biased media. WE “the Voters” need to inform our selves and be willing to “un elect” legislators who are not acting in our interests. The power of the people is greater than the power of politics only if we become informed voters. Look back at January 6,2021 and consider that it could happen anywhere


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