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Recent high court ruling upholding voting rights rollbacks and alterations show that Clarence Thomas is no Thurgood Marshall. Thomas’ siding against voting rights which affect folks of color primarily is a slap in the face of Thurgood Marshall’s lifetime fight against injustice and racism. Shall we call him Uncle?. These actions of gutting voting rights affect us all no matter the color and too many Americans still fail to see the forest for the trees.
The high court has effectively negated the 1965 voting rights act which made the right to vote available for all eligible Americans regardless of race or ethnicities. This has bolstered the false claims of a failed president and his backers about election fraud which has been proven to be unfounded and contrived. We now have the task of looking closely and understanding that our Congressional members have failed us in general for their own purposes. It is time for all voters to understand what the Declaration Of Independence actually means and apply it to the present


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