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90 years ago the seed and subsequent growth of the Hitlerian era of history engulfed Europe and affected the globe much like Covid has currently. The united states is in the grips of a political party whose de facto leader is a failed businessman and former President. There have been several Congressional members whose only attributes seem to be the ability to spin a tale of woe that doesn’t exist. This followed by an intransient Congressional leader whose sole objective is to turn back the clock to pre civil war times where the least of us are restricted and even constrained from exercising the right to vote. All of this to aid and abet the baser elements of the country while lining their own pockets. The worst of it is that their followers do not realize their complicity in their own misfortunes by supporting these self serving “leaders”. The high court seemingly has abdicated its duties to the voters with recent rulings effectively rolling back established voting initiatives and allowing restrictive voting laws enacted by several states under GOP leadership. It is ironic that the high court appears to be decidedly conservative in nature effectively making them partisan rather than apolitical in their judgements. Too many of us have in some respects watched silently while our fellow Americans suffer from the centuries old “White European” style of governing which is to overwhelm all “lesser” folks and people of color with might and or lies. The current political climate is skewed by “conservatives” whose objectives are decidedly not conservative, liberal or any of the other commonly used sobriquets but based in the pursuit of power and money on the backs of the greater segment of society. This is how America was built and how the baser elements of the political system continues to work. We in America fought a war over this to the tune 100’s of thousand lives thrown away, in todays dollars Billions in property loss. It seems that WE have not fully recovered since “Jim Crow” apparently has been in evidence since the civil war tacitly and overtly with impunity. As the well worn statement proclaims: “we have one job”, that is to vote for the best available people to administer our country for the good of us all yet we are still being distracted by “shiny objects” and missing the evil deeds done to us and in our names. Information on the people we elect is our only and most valuable tool in building the envisioned government of 1776. It must be pointed out that the signers and crafters of the declaration and it’s amendments had hoped that future generations would execute the promise of that document but left us a number of unresolved issues that plague us today. Our method of correction is the vote and we must become smarter about it and not be led by rhetoric and lies but pragmatically listen and observe-remember the truth never changes but lies shift by the minute.


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