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The past 4-6 years should be a wake up call to all of us, if we would pay attention. We have had a close shave with a near dictatorial leader whose sole objective while in office is to gratify and serve himself. WE still have the remains of his regime in the GOP congressional members who supported his “eccentricities” since they used it as a cover for their self serving activities which did nothing for the betterment of the voters (you know the people they swore to serve along with upholding the Constitution). The rise of right leaning to extreme right news sources have poisoned the media pool so that many of us can no longer identify the line between truth and fiction. There is always a way to get at the truth, that involves the simple act of reading and listening to several avenues of information because the truth is always there if we chose to see it. Right now the GOP is pushing hard against the massive spending bill which they attempt to employ the idea that our grandchildren’s futures are being “mortgaged”. All with no proof other than their stale party line which has for years brought no relief to voters if they are not big donors to the party. The 2017 “tax Reform” cost taxpayers 1.3 trillion dollars with no benefit to 90% of the taxpayers and in some cases pushing more people towards or even into poverty. Each time a person is pushed into poverty it costs the Government more money as they have to rely on public assistance to survive even while working a low to middle wage job. The actions of the current GOP can be likened to the post civil war era (reconstruction) which was supposed to reconcile the differences between the states and bring the country together. This failure was ignored and exacerbated by the ensuing leaders from Federal to local since it served their interests not the voters. Using an unspoken rule on race they created or allowed the rise of the haves and have-nots to a new level which exists today and is now become widely known. We have one job as the statement goes and that is to vote with intelligence in the hope of having that “more perfect Union” imagined 200 plus years ago.


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