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If you are a avid fan of the Star Wars franchise or if you are a casual observer, you will understand the comparison of the Current Congress especially the GOP which has by all and any means subverted the real heart of that party. In SW there is a SITH lord pulling strings from without and within, we have a parallel view right now with the outer rim of the party being manipulated by the former guy and internally being molded by Bitch McConnell and his minions in many states. The current state of politics are as bad and sometimes worse than pre civil war times yet mirroring the “reconstruction” era. The actions of this Congress especially the so called “conservatives are aimed at getting and keeping power for their own benefit not the people who elected them based on the promises made. Unfortunately as in so many instances the people who are pulled in by the sound bites and politispeak learn too late that they have been duped. The only solution is not always a matter of changing parties but more the fact of carefully examining who you vote for as a person, in other words their track record in private and political life. The Republic, Democracy or what ever you want to call our system of Government consists of the people and their votes not the people in office as many times we have no idea of their actions until we are hit by their results. This will be the case until we stop thinking in naïve terms about the politicians we’ve elected to serve US. Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in Congress bites us in the rear if we do not participate or pay attention to what they are saying or doing.


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