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Apparently, it’s a trait of elected officials not to live up to the reputation we have thought they had. They seem to mis speak with regularity as opposed to telling the voters what is happening not what they (the electeds) think we want to hear. They have mastered the craft of “artful” dodging of questions with unrelated answers that cause us to go “what”? It seems that the GOP has adopted the “TOTUS” speak with a vengeance against the TRUTH that is seen by millions while tacitly implying that we should not believe our eyes but believe their outright misinformation about the former guy and his massively incompetent tenure which was used to cover their own mis deeds. I would like to think that the people we elected entered the office with “good” intentions however in this age of mass communication “that ship has sailed”. It is quite odd that Congressional members who were under attack on January 6 are against investigating that assault and even denying it because the “former guy” lied about it, calling it a friendly gathering that resulted in broken windows, trashed Congressional offices, several deaths and numerous injuries. All of this on live TV yet what we saw is not what we saw according to a group of less than truthful Congressional members. So it appears that we have elected a group of liars who assume(*) that we wouldn’t notice the lies and overlook them.

  • Assume- “Makes an ass out of you and me”

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