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A well known Faux news Commentator or more a provocateur and consummate liar visited Hungary to meet with Viktor Orban, the President of Hungary who has stolen several if not all of the last “free elections. The last one he lost with 67% of the voters voting against him. He packed the legislature with loyalists who called the election for him. His actions against Muslims, LBGT plus and immigrants (which are similar to the actions what the former guy wanted to do and did in some cases). Carlson being a big booster of the Former guy and as great a liar reported that the President of Hungary was wonderful and not the monster everyone thinks he is in spite of what the world and his countrymen have seen and experienced. This type of reporting ( it is not journalism) is like a fungus, difficult to eliminate or mitigate. We have gone through a 4 year period of of deception and misdirection. This type of information dissemination is “entertainment” not useful facts or information which makes it dangerous. The owner of Faux corporation has admitted that his goal is purely financial and has no concerns over content (a refreshing if callous opinion). This leaves the onus of what is true, false or proper to the public. We (the public) have expand our viewing and listening to other media outlets to get a full and possible correct assessment of world and local events that affect us. That is the way!


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