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Botch McConnell is criticizing Biden for the withdrawal (it is chaotic) yet said nothing when TOTUS negotiated the release of 5 thousand Taliban from jail if they wouldn’t attack American soldiers but they went on full attack on the Afghan army who we were training. Disrupting that training and creating a group of under trained and sometimes illiterate defenders. How about commenting on that! It is remarkable how the GOP has botched the opportunity to do something really important but chose to follow a reality TV star who does not live in reality or perhaps in his own fabricated reality plus using his insanity to cover their political machinations which have allowed the myriad of voting restrictions and continued influence of Covid infections. The Bible (which I am reluctant to cite) states that Jesus fed 5000 with with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, but TOTUS released 5000 criminals based on the word of criminals not to attack the U.S and set the original date for withdrawal of our troops. Now the GOP and TOTUS (who has virtually no platform) are concerned about the millions or billions of dollars in hardware we are leaving in the hands of the Taliban which he essentially insured they would get when the Afghan Army and government collapsed. When you consider his residency (he never was President except in name) it was failed from the start as long he had willing accomplices in the Congress. Biden may have made a miscalculation in this withdrawal but at least he is honest and sincere (or as far as a politician can be)


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