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Daily Archives: December 8th, 2021

We have the misfortune of witnessing the decline of Democracy under the guise of saving America. The GOP since the days of Ronald Reagan and newt Gingrich have increasingly pushed the idea that less Government was better. Unfortunately, this touted theory has caused too many of us to rail against government programs that benefit us. It is true that government should be limited in the daily lives of Americans however a blanket ban on Government actions is at once ludicrous and dangerous. There are areas where Government can do a better job than State and local entities or at least assist them in some functions and activities. The Political class has always made (it seems) a concerted effort to divide Americans along Racial, ethnic and financial lines to maintain their power status. This power status benefits the industrial sector in tax breaks (taxes is how government is funded, no matter how much we dislike paying them) and allows unlimited spending in keeping “friendly ” politicians in office. This longevity does not benefit the taxpayers unless you earn millions. It may be difficult to understand how this happens, but it really is not. One reason for this disfunction is our collective ignorance of history and the warnings we have received at various times along with the daily rationing of mis and disinformation allowed through our open society’s media coverage. Media coverage has become as biased as the actions of our Congress and we have allowed it through our acceptance of “entertainment” reporting and the use of fabricated “government abuse” to rile us up. We (voters) must remember that the same people in government we at once rail against and support are often the same people who offer the fabrications while reaping the rewards of those fabrications. The United States has had and still has opportunities to make a correction in the promised path to better government, but we have squandered it due to “shiny objects” and promised reforms that never come to fruition. History will repeat if we do not look at what has occurred before we accede to what is “promised”. The future is never ahead but always now!


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