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Looking at all of the “news” regarding Nato, Russia, Afghanistan and Federal Government, there is one connection among all of them: President Biden. Aside from the garbage left by the former guy, we have Russia, the Taliban, Iran and China all vying for word wide attention as they ply their trade in aggression at home and abroad. These being normal things in the grand scheme of things. In the US we have the aftermath of January 6th which has shown how divided we are as a country with a raging pandemic assisted by folks who refuse to get the jabs because of previous harm done by the medical community and mass media mis information. Years ago, when Polio, smallpox, measles and chickenpox were prevalent, there were mandates to get vaccinated, we went willingly without a whimper, and we were better for it (we still have those mandates in order for children to begin school). According to the experts who are studying this onslaught of disease daily, if we have at least 70% of the population vaxxed we stand a chance of curbing it’s spread. We have Political leaders (who have gotten their shots) railing against mandated vaccination while their constituents are falling ill in 100’s and thousands around them. WE have a Congress blocking legislation that would provide work and income for the unemployed while rebuilding infrastructure, but a so-called Tax reform took money from those who made less than $400,000 annually (90% or more of Americans) was passed with no regard to how much the deficit grew. This fiasco was sold as a win for the working class, don’t see that yet. We as voters need to stop the current GOP from gaining power in the Congress or Whitehouse as this will maintain the status quo while doing nothing to improve current conditions HealthWise and financially. This is not to say the Democrats will necessarily do better but on the face of what we see now, they may be an improvement. On the subject of Russia, I am not an ambassador, politician or military expert but I believe it is NATO’s job to deal with Russia, Iran, the Taliban and China. First make Ukraine and Taiwan members of Nato, that will end the Russian and Chinese threats, then impose more severe sanctions on Iran, the Taliban to bring them to the table. This is my take on what should be considered or done.


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