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since before the civil war the political right, conservatives and other “small” government folks have made it their business to reduce the government’s actions in the lives of the voters. To be clear, no one wants a heavy-handed government however there are things that the Government can do that the states and municipalities cannot do. If we as citizens fail to look beyond the trees and look at the forest, then we will repeat the failures of the past namely the events that preceded the Civil War. Totus aka Donald Trump, Numpty or whatever you want to call him purposely used racial slurs, inuendo and outright lies to and about everyone to get what he wanted no matter the consequences. The Rightists religious, who have for years wanted to return America to the days of the religious extremists who thought the church should have a bigger say in Government no matter the consequences eagerly followed and supported Numpty as his support allowed them to push their agenda, consequences on the nation as a whole does not matter. This along with the Extreme Liars we call Congress are pushing us to a familiar and infamous split that was the precursor of the past “Civil War” only now it is no longer just about Race, it is about money and power, power to make laws that restrict voting, control the right to proper Heathcare and instill what “they” consider correct as opposed to what is correct from a medical viewpoint. The politricks has taken over reasonable government all for $$$ and power with nothing left for the voters.


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