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I have a red jumpsuit I purchased to do work around the house however being red I was concerned that it would be construed as “orange” as worn by inmates. I am pondering the idea of trying to alter the color with a shot of brown or black clothing dye. After considering this, I have decided that the red will stay as is and will be used as is. The suit was made originally for the German army (fireman squad) but became surplus somehow. The down side is that in summer this suit is stifling hot and in winter not quite warm enough without additional layers of clothing. The red suit may be just the thing  for “Xmas?” Maybe the time for this suit is when ever I need to use it and not when it is appropriate. I am thinking that at some point with the advent of changing oil in the riding mower, lawn mower, cleaning the burn pit and painting the house-the color will not be really red for long. Aside from all of that, it does not have the letters D.O.C , Sheriff, county or any other identifying markings so maybe its just a red jumpsuit, I bought cheap to do work around the house.

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Please Donate

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