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Now that the Congress is has a majority of Dupublicans, the down  hill slide has begun. No matter what anyone thinks, these folks especially the most vocal ones do not- I repeat do not have the best interest of the country in mind. If this was the case we would not have had a government shutdown, we would not have the immigration reform issue as an issue, we would not be struggling with the ACA (Obama care). Bear in mind that the only thing these twerps want is name recognition and media coverage. Mitch and John probably do not even like one another since one is a “Yankee” and the other is a “Reb”. It is unfortunate that with all of the progress we have made in this country  that we have made none in the area of race. I would venture that the most vocal of us do not share or care about the Racial views of the few but the few seem to get the most press. In this country of immigrants, we are still lagging in realizing the heritage that made us could be the heritage that breaks us. Out true feelings in the Congress has been made clear with the election of a “non white” President. The only thing the Congress apparently sees is skin color and ignoring what is presented as  positive changes for the country as a whole. The ACA which has had issues could have been better had Congress addressed it as they should have and made changes where needed, instead they naysaid it and offered no improvement except  concepts of death camps and poor coverage. With the Majority now being the party of “no”, we are in for an underperforming Government which may be unprecedented. The latest issue is the Keystone XL pipe line. There are no less that 10 oil pipelines crossing the US right now. One more will not create any significant amount of jobs  and the completion of it will end most of them. The only purpose of the pipeline is to move oil sands across country which is being accomplished now by modified rail cars. To make matters worse the Congress has tied this bill to the funding of Homeland security which once the bill is vetoed will allow them to blame the President for not supporting  Homeland thereby attempting to put the blame elsewhere. Simple fix detach the XL pipeline from Homeland funding and debate the pipeline separately instead of playing games with the National Security. This is why we are in “Status Woe”

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