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My friend Martin again has offered a point that needs to be made Why would we trust any candidate or incumbent whose staffers spend more time looking for dirt on the opposition than offering the real agenda of their “boss”. These elections have come to be more of a mud slinging, name calling & yes Racially biased contest.

Presidential Candidates in Search of Scandals

Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, is intrigued by the presidential candidates’ staffs searching for scandals in the lives of opposing candidates.  They want to uncover indiscretions such as excessive partying, skirt chasing philandering, drinking and snorting bouts, and general twisting of the Ten Commandments to show these office seekers are unfit to govern.

A strange penitent aura comes over candidates. They write books aimed at describing their political views, but they begin them with confessional prefaces acknowledging their errant ways.  They rhetorically ask, “How could I have done such things?”  They answer: “It was youthful immaturity. I am no better than others.  But they make me a man of varied accomplishments.  This is the truth.”  And so it goes:

God knows that I have been a man of sin

Cheating and lying where the goal was to win.

These deeds cause embarrassment

Subjecting me to opponent merriment,

But watch for the peccadilloes listings on them.

Martin Egelston


Battle Creek

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