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The larger world outside of the United States is in turmoil, every country large and small is making headlines of some sort. We have the health epidemics in many areas, small wars and incursions in the Eurasian areas. We have the popular uprisings in several countries around the globe. All of these issues point to the progressing world we live in. Meanwhile our gang of 500 plus have factions who are attempting to influence politics outside the U.S. by writing letters to countries involved in critical negotiations and inviting high profile  political speakers without notifying our state department. These 2 actions alone seem to show their disrespect for the President of the Unites States and the American people  (who they purport to represent ). It is unfortunate that our Current Congress has no other purpose than their own personal gratification which history will show as massive ego and ineptitude. The overall Congress (a name I mistakenly attributed as the name for a troupe of Baboons (what an insult to the Baboons) has several factions whose sole purpose is to overturn the ACA and put the middle class in a lower position and the lower class in yet a lower class. We have the Supreme court (almost solidly pro Dupublican) which has effectively overturned the voting rights act and created a 1960’s feel to the country. Our current sitting Congress are no more than a group of men obsessed with power and  beholding to them selves. The factions therein who we voted in have now shown their true colors and those colors run! The bottom line here is our Congress had an opportunity to act as legislators but decided that acting in a covert and many times overt racial manner have brought the office down to a criminal level.

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