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Many companies have stated Codes of ethics which all employees have to read, sign or acknowledge. These codes of ethics are legal documents designed to protect the companies assets and intellectual properties. This is a normal business action and on the surface is benign. In real-time these are more like “swords of Damocles”. Many times the very advocates are the worst offenders however this all looks good on paper and many times a way to get rid of  employees who are for various and assorted reasons less desirable. Ethics being more of a moral nature as opposed to a business one would appear to be something that cannot be ascribed to in writing but rather a personal state of being for  each individual. These “codes of Ethics” are usually written by corporate legal teams and administered by the HR departments neither of which may have no real idea of what the various segments or departments actually do. This little glitch in knowledge can lead to grave errors in judgment and could conceivably  create a legal situation costing thousand or millions in legal fees and damage to company’s reputation. Essentially a code of ethics is something created by folks whose ethics and motives are suspected as a normal occurrence. To cite a recent example: The controversy over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s e mails. The Dupublican Congress is spending more time and effort on issues related to the future Presidential election than doing the daily business they led their constituents to believe they would do. The now anti populist Congress is going down a path that leads to our country being in  permanent gridlock with the big money backers pulling the strings. It is unfortunate that the people who voted them in could not foresee the events taking place at this time. The Dupublicans attack on their opponents by race, gender and any other means keeps the curtain closed on their real intentions. The recent letter to Iran has done more harm than good and added more fuel to a smoldering fire which could have a wider impact than just the United States. The radicals need no other reasons to hate non-Muslims all over the world yet our Congress has added another. Then the invitation to a Radical Israeli politician without the State departments knowledge until it was announced is another annoyance with potential long range problems and another boost to the radicals cause. These 2 items alone have worldwide impacts on our allies. Can we talk about  codes of Ethics? All of this to win an election and make changes that will impact most Americans to a point of  devastation of their families and many companies. Our main resource against this  threat (yes threat) is to vote them out and deny them the office of president and remove as many as possible from office. We, the American voters are the first line of defense against them.

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