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All insurance is the best insurance until you need or use it. Do you find it curious that your policy is along the lines of a contract with fine print that is tediously involved with huge amounts of “legalese”? The reason many of us do not read contracts fully is the extensive amount of language in small print. The small print and language is a deadly combination for the best readers let alone the poorer readers. Insurance policies are especially bad as their contracts have many items that serve to deny payment on coverage and restrict payouts on coverage’s. Why can’t the contract be simple like an index? The contract could use a list type structure. this would make it simple as you could look at the list to see what is covered and what is not. Instead you have this mind-boggling,  multi-page, small print documents that when read gives one a headache (by design?) and halts the process of reading it. When you start a claim you have 50-50 chance of getting a denial, then you appeal according to their  (the company) process, you are denied again and you usually have another appeal. The next appeal stands a better than average chance of being denied, these appeals stretch over weeks and months until you grow tired of it or there is a final denial or if you feel up to it sue for payment and or damages. In my opinion we should be pushing our legislators to overhaul the contract wording to reflect a simpler form of understanding for the average person, this format should extend to all contracts. This may eliminate the use of some legal personnel in writing contracts but would be a boon to the everyday person who can then understand what they are signing on to. I have elected to pursue all denials until I reach the end no matter what the end result  and thereafter I look for hopefully a better (?)  company to do business with. In the pursuit of another company I know now what questions to ask and hopefully get a better deal overall. One part of all of this the agent you deal with, often their assistance can help but more often they are implicit in the denial while affecting a sense of caring about your situation.

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