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Our Congress has opened the door to the Racism against President Obama and by extension perhaps all non-white Americans. Israel has forgotten that they were once on the bottom and now it seems that they have forgotten the assistance America has given them in aid and arms. We still contribute billions to Israel and we allow this kind of  attack on our President. This is due to our inept Congress inviting a war hawk to speak in the combined chamber with speaking to the President. This is not to say that the President had any power to prevent it but our poorly functioning 535 has proven again that they are not the legislators they need to be. This tweet should have been directed at them but instead we see the Racism that is still prevalent in the world and how our “ally” is truly not as trustworthy as we need them to be. The Israelis for all of their travails should be a better friend but it is apparent that they have no loyalty to us in spite of the funding they receive and our Congress will no doubt ignore this since our CIC is not white. It is our duty as Americans (all of us) to stand behind the President especially as far as the world is concerned. This divisiveness is exactly why our country is in the financial and moral tumult we are now experiencing. Consider the message we are sending to our children and the haters of America.

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