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Daily Archives: June 18th, 2016

Most of us are aware of the national “Do Not Call Registry”. This was supposed to stop the unwanted calls from sellers, promoters and scammers. The registry was great at first now in the electronic age we live in, it has become ineffective. I have found that most cell phones have a method of blocking these calls and I suggest you use it. Some of us who still have land lines may have a phone set up that also has this feature. I was made aware of this recently and saw that the system I have has this feature. It has worked better than the do not call registry. If you still have a landline look at the instruction book that came with your system you may have a tool the allows you to block these calls. Another option that helps is a phone message that screens some calls. Do not use a message that gives your name, phone number or states whether you are home or not. Simple message example: ” This call is being screened. Leave a message – no message, no call back”.


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No More sound bites, buzzwords, catch phrases please! These snippets do  more to obscure and obfuscate the facts than an outright lie. It appears that the media and the people who write or invent these snippets seem to think that the readers are unable to understand a complete thought or sentence. The politicians for years have hired writers who in their push to grab headlines write like ad writers (no offense). Ad writers express ideas to get your attention as they have a limited time to get your attention (often seconds). This writing method has  crossed over to political writers who through the attention grabbing style of writing tell the public nothing but hint at something which leads to speculation and self-definition based on innate biases. Apparently truth is not as comfortable as a lie (we should recognize that as we have been hearing it from legislators for years). It is unfortunate that telling lies and  shading the truth has become the order of the day for many folks running for office. If your message cannot stand alone then perhaps it’s not a good message or its incorrect according to public sense. The electronic age has brought us to the point of receiving these  targeted messages seemingly forever. We see them online when we do anything, on the tube, in movies and on and on. We need to smarten up and recognize what we are receiving daily in the most innocent ways. Our electronic devices may just be our worst enemies.

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