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Daily Archives: June 7th, 2016





The article below is taken from the newspaper “The Hill” and the statement is from Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. It appears that the Dupublican Party has put themselves in a hard to defend position with Mr. Trump as the 800 pound elephant in the room. Their inability to support the candidate they wanted and failure to stop Mr. Trump will be their ending as a force in the political arena. This is not a David and Goliath story , it is just a tragedy in the making of a political party that seems to be imploding with the help of a reality “star”. Even taking the point of Hillary being bad how will the “party” survive. Mr. Trump has garnered a lot of support but with some of the worst elements of our society. If we as a country are to continue as a respected world player, the Dupublican baseĀ  will have to break from strict party lines and insure “the Donald” does not gain the Oval office. This is not an endorsement of Scamocrats or Dupublicans, just a statement that Mr. Trump is too dangerous to be President.

Donald Trump’s comments criticizing a judge because of his ethnic background are “the textbook definition of racist comments,” Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Tuesday during an event on poverty in Washington D.C.

“I regret these comments that he made,” Ryan said. “Saying a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of the textbook definition of racist comments. … I think that should be absolutely disavowed.”

Ryan, who also criticized Trump’s comments last week, was bombarded with questions about Trump at an event to highlight the House GOP’s policy agenda – beginning with poverty reform.

“I think they’re wrong. I don’t think they’re right-headed,” the Speaker, who endorsed Trump last week, said of the remarks.

He later called the comments “indefensible” but would not say he’s rescinding his endorsement.

The flurry of questions about the presumptive GOP nominee highlights the difficult challenge faced by Ryan and other GOP leaders, who are backing Trump as their nominee but seeing his controversies crowd out their efforts to talk policy.

Ryan conceded that Trump’s comments do “undercut” the House GOP’s efforts to put forth a policy agenda this election year.

“I’m not going to even pretend to defend them,” Ryan said. ” I’m going to defend our ideas. I’m going to defend our agenda. What matters to us most is our principles and the policies that come from those principles, and our ability to give the people of this country a better way forward.”

Ryan repeatedly said Tuesday that he was backing Trump because he believes the nation is far better off with the Republican nominee than Hillary Clinton as president.

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