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Daily Archives: June 26th, 2016

Every news report and taking head keeps repeating the words “gun control”, this indicates some sort of activity affecting firearms. The real term needs to be related to the real issue which is the people who apparently are outside the norm and who own and use firearms in a bad way. This bad way includes robbery, murder (in any form) and threats by legal (mostly) firearms owners. These individuals are and should be the focus of any law that involves the ownership of firearms . The NRA takes a broad stroke on this issue whenever it takes the stage but their rationale is purely self serving and designed to garner support and funding (incidentally the NRA does not have the broad member support they purport to have) . Our Congress is looking at potential election blowback by standing up to the NRA”s deep pockets and under informed voters . If an elected official is truly a statesman or representative then they should be able to get the correct information on an issue and decide from that their course of action. It is unfortunate that this is an event that does not happen because of party lines , fear of voter anger and the loss of big donations. I have never found anyone so far that given the truth cannot have a discussion about an issue. This is not to say that disagreement cannot occur but a sensible discussion is possible. The general public has become so angry with the Government because our legislators want it that way so they can paint themselves as friends of their constituents. If the 535 were really interested in the welfare of the country and “the American People” (who they cite so often) then our current state of division would not exist, the NRA would wield no power to influence and perhaps we can arrive in the 21st century politically. The issues that we the American Voter can change are: .

1.Dump the 2 party system

2.Stop believing the same lies year after year

3. Keep in mind all newly elected people will become tainted by the current sitters so get rid of the old ones first!

4. Ask for things that can be changed for the betterment of ALL Americans

Remember taxes are what allows the government to function and the changes need to be to the tax structure but with a dose of common sense and in a reality mode.

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