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Daily Archives: June 12th, 2016

The long season of elections is wearing me out. The ongoing attacks and counterattacks are at once ridiculous and unnecessary. I am not sure when we came to this point but all of rhetoric is off-putting and serves no good purpose. The merits of the candidate should be the focus not some past non relevant information. It is true that some candidates should not be candidates at all but this is America and that’s how we roll. Right now we have a race based too much on Race and sound bites that sound true but ring false. The truth is what comes out later but the falsehoods have already been implanted like a germinating plant. We already have a dysfunctional Congress and we certainly need to address that as much as possible in this electoral cycle but pressuring the current Congress is equally important as there are many members who should have been gone years ago as they have added nothing of note to our progress as a country if it did not directly benefit them. These are the “elder Statesmen” who make seemingly profound statements that in fact are no more than campaign speeches in disguise. We voters have lost the ability to reason out who actually represents the “American people” that they quote regularly. We cannot allow the 535 seat fillers to continue to do what they want to do in our names, in my opinion trust in the Government is lost due to the long serving Congress as we    have given them the OK to do what “they” think is correct and at the same time is a benefit to them and theirs. The political establishment is actually the voters as we have kept these folks in the job too long. I believe no one should  remain in the office long enough to be pensioned out, when we the American People look beyond the rhetoric we will see that the Congress is not representative of the voters who elected them. There could be a case made for long term service but I am hard pressed to see it.

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Many people who research their find that if their ancestry derives from the “African ” insurgence aka “slave trade” then the lost bibles are the only link to who they were. Many states in the lower U.S. do not have an easy way to search without specific information such as city, county and even then the information is erroneous or incomplete. Many census takers took down information based on what they thought as opposed to asking specific questions regarding spelling and understanding local speech patterns and words (innate Racism) . I have learned that sometimes guesses were made as to ages and even cause of death (or again understanding of information offered). These census takers were seasonal workers and up to “modern” times were primarily white. This misapplication or lack of details creates a gap in the ancestral line especially if the elder generations did not pass on that family history . There are many outlets for research but again you need to take what you see as incomplete until you can confirm from several other sources and compare details. You will find that a years difference in a date will make a quantum leap in your search. My search has been going on for a number of years and I still find small bits such as dates crucial in big discoveries. My opinion after trying Ancestry several times, that I can find as much information at no cost on the Family Search Website. It is important to ask living relatives as many questions as possible, even stories of deceased relatives could be clues. Remember language and certain words can be clues.

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