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The Dupublicans are at again, the recent expenditure of 7 million dollars (our money)  on an investigation in to Hillary Clintons Emails on top of Benghazi is ridiculous. This reminds me of the McCarthy hearings which bore no fruit and cost a ton of money. The chairman of the committee (Trey Gowdy) has spent money on this in spite of having no concrete information and being told there is no criminal issue. The FBI has determined that there were issues but no legally pursuant issues. The Dupublicans are in pursuit of some kind of ban on the Scamocrats candidate having access to classified information but they are supporting a loose cannon (quite reluctantly) who will have access to sensitive material. Apparently we (America) are still in a pre civil war mindset where people of color, women, other religions and ethnicities take a backseat to traditional “white” people. These  are commonly called “haters” but unfortunately we as voters have elected so many of them to represent us (at least  some of us). If you are a Racist then that is your choice (or option) to live with. If you are the person who thinks your religion is the best, your heritage is the best or your race(?) is the best then you are more a bigot than Racist (which is a bit different). If we continue to elect people who carry these biases into an elected office, then we have failed as a free people. Our elected officials should reflect ALL Americans while leaving the personal  biases out of the process. Our laws should be as neutral as possible with an edge of humanity. The Constitution which is often quoted out of context is a living document which means it has the ability to change with the times not at the will of an interpreter’s personal views. If we as modern citizens do not pay attention to the people we elect prior to voting for them we will continue on a path of poor government. Bear in mind that News outlets are not necessarily the whole story nor are the words of elected officials, that leaves the research to the individual which is as it should be. Remember we incarcerated millions of American citizens out of fear and panic, we imported and setup former Nazis while denigrating native-born Americans.


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