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The recent murders of Police and unarmed Black men is at once atrocious and insane. Peaceful Protest has always been a way to garner attention for a cause but we have arrived at a 60’s type protest which involved looting, riots and innocent folks being killed and injured aside from the subjects of that protest. These actions play into the irresponsible actions and rhetoric of the haters in America. Many of these folks are disenfranchised but fail to understand that their energy would be better used to correct the disconnect that is fomented by the very people we elected to represent us in Congress . This may seem to be unrelated but if we follow the trend from the 50’s until now we will realize that we  as voters have blamed everything and everyone else for Government failures. The failures sit squarely on our shoulders as we do not  (or will not) look beyond the politispeak of our representatives. We have come to hang onto the long held beliefs and misconceptions of other Races and ethnicities and our elected officials have used that to gain for themselves and mouth homilies that seemingly appease us. It is OUR responsibility to wade through the half truths and lies that have been fed to us by the very people who have conned us into voting for them. These folks occupy seats from the city level up to the Federal government. I am suggesting that as voters we read more and avoid taking the opinions of the talking heads as fact. There is no lack of truth available to all of us if we just read between the lines and look at several sources before making decisions . In the words of a now deceased victim of riots” Can we  all get along?”, if we can then we can collectively elect a better class of Office holders from top to bottom.

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