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Party of Lincoln? Listening to all of the rhetoric from the left and right, the major parties along with the oddly phrased support of  the major party’s support of their frontrunners has given me a reason to dig deeper into past , recent and potential future issues from each. While I  identify as independent, I will vote Scamocrat more often than not. The Dupublicans track record from the last flip during the Civil war and the more recent flip during the Roosevelt years has shown up the “party of Lincoln” moniker to be just another buzzword. The Dupublicans have  more influence on the economy and American life than the Scamocrats. Each party has their share of blame but it appears that the “Dupes” are complicit in actions that are still having deleterious effects. The Dupes were prime movers in the Privatization of the educational finance system which has brought us to the huge cost of education and the financing of that system. The Financial crisis while not a direct factor was a part of the now disastrous educational finance mess. See blog dated earlier today. The “Party of Lincoln” is just another way to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters. Our political system is broken (for us) and the only repairmen are the voters. It is wise to remember that politicians lie for a living and we hear it every day. How can someone who makes 100K plus annually no matter what shape the Federal finances are possibly convince anyone who really works for a living understand what that everyday person is dealing with. American people are the government by way of the vote and the Congress needs an overhaul.


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