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The ongoing debate, shout outs, protests and riotous behaviors have many folks up in “arms” about lives that matter. In a simplistic sense: All Lives Do matter! The reactionary forces have each excerpted the “lives matter” platform and used it to further divide. This plays right into the hands of the true subversives in America. It may be an abstract idea to most but our Congress, many elected State and municipal officials are the true subversives. These are the people we pay little attention to except in  crisis, at election times and during  emergencies. The facts are that these folks have no problem posing a divisive agenda to maintain, gain or enhance their positions for as long as they can. These are the people who since the inception of the America as a country pushed agendas to fight the Native Americans (who were here first), conduct the Salem Witch trials, condone slavery and continue to use race , religion as dividers. If you are old enough to vote , you may reflect on past political campaigns which were as awful as the current one but with less vile and malicious rhetoric. The back and forth is more akin to a school yard fight which never ends and after a while no one knows what started it. Of course all lives matter but only (it seems) when it serves the late comers to the issue or the rebutters who ignore the core facts in the issue much like the pro slavery folks who want the status quo to remain the same. The slide to reality is peppered with snags of lies, deceit and ignorance. Our Congress has been involved in more misinformation, subterfuge than many of us know and possibly care to know. The facts are clear, the money spent on the Clinton Impeachment  trial, the Benghazi investigation, the 1950’s McCarthy hearings all to no clear end with a huge cost to the American Voters. If we as voters do not pay attention to the reality of politics then perhaps none of our Lives matter! America is (was and can be again) one of a handful of countries that has the overall freedom to elect, protest and oust our government officials without a war. We can vote or not for who we want to serve but we need to do our home work before making that big step and then All Lives will truly matter.

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