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Listening to the various attendees responding to reporters at the RNC convention, I have determined that these folks who support Trump know less about what is and has occurred in Government in the last 8 years. Many of these folks are in Government Federal, state and local. One speaker stated that Barack Obama got nothing done. This is only partly true but the real issue is the fact that the Dupublican leaders determined that the President would get no help from them once they got control of the Congress. As voters we have seen the results of their control. If the truth is ever put out, it will be clear that Political parties are no more than disseminators of party lines and little truth. The farther away a party member is from the source, the more the information is diluted and misconstrued, as much second and third hand information often is. How much clearer can it be when the Leader of the Senate states that this President will get nothing passed and would not consider a vote on a High Court candidate. All of these Political machinations are a direct slap in the face of the voters. These are the same people who always cite the wants of “American people” as reasons or causes for their actions or inactions. Regardless of who the becomes the Next President our job as voters is to concentrate on the lesser elections to make changes in the system and pay close attention to what the already seated officials tell us as most of it is political theater that we pay dearly to see. The speakers at The Dupublican convention have punctuated the discourse over the state of America with more poorly reasoned utterances and deceiving their constituents at the same time. The mentality of anger and mistrust of the Government with no facts results in the current Congress continuing in the same unimpeded direction.

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