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The FBI has failed again (still?). The close to the vest method of gathering information has hurt us again and again. Information on the Boston Bombers and now the Orlando shooter should have been made available to local Law enforcement. The local officers have the ability to monitor these people and hopefully prevent another tragedy. It is time that the FBI step up and really help protect Americans from any potential radical threats local and foreign. Apparently its OK to allow these events to happen in order to protect the “integrity” of the agency. It is well past time that these agencies should have a reciprocal association for the security of the Nation, this is after all their job. The agency was so intent on investigating civil rights activists that there was no protection Dr. king, none for Malcolm X and none for Robert Kennedy. I am of the opinion that the agency possibly had information that could have prevented these acts but we may never know for sure. More recently, the bureau has extensively investigated Hillary Clinton’s email (at what cost?) and decided that there were no intentional mistakes in what was done but there were many instances of poor record keeping. Little known facts  that 2 former Secretaries of State used private email servers and these were never brought up in this debate by the Dupublicans. As an agency, the FBI has changed from protectors and investigators to more of a dingy office detective. This is not to say that the agency is bad but more to say that their mandate does not  or should not include investigations involving politics or at least not publicize them until a full and complete investigation is done. These days of instant information put out incorrect or incomplete information with the speed of light but correction is lost in the dust.

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