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Many US cities are named after European cities but do not use the same pronunciation. Lima, Peru is pronounced LEEma, Lima Ohio is pronounced Lyma. Athens Greece is pronounced Athens (short A) and Athens, Georgia and Illinois are pronounced Athens,( long A). Cairo Egypt is pronounced Kyro, in Illinois its called Kayro. How about Worchester Ma. in England it’s Wooster. Leicester is Lester and it is the same in The U.S. New Ulm (MN, & Texas)) is pronounced New “oolm”. This is the process of Americanization of languages and people. Ulm as pronounced in the Original German is very different from the way it is pronounced in Oklahoma and Louisiana. In Germany its OOLM, in English its Ohm, the l is not as pronounced as heard in New Ulm (Texas). This a common occurrence in many Cities and areas in the US as the population changes from generation to generation becoming more Americanized. Some names remain primarily in tact from the original language while the pronunciation changes to become Americanized or more like  original English words or names. Example : Los Angeles originally Los (long O) Angeles (g is pronounced ga as in gas). Yet we are against immigrants when immigrants are what we are. Imagine how the Native Americans felt when we encroached upon their lands, then under the guise of friendship fought them for their own lands, moved them in to ever shrinking “tribal lands” and confiscated those same legally given lands for the profit of  big money people while the Native Americans got squat except the bias and derision of the ” emigrants” to North America. Now this confiscation is still evident in the pipeline stalemate. If this is not the same as the prior acts of aggression against Native people then what would we call it? This action is for short term gains with potential long term consequences as with so many previous historic takeovers. Apparently greed supercedes!


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