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We have 4 years of wondering, assessing and regretting (in any order) what is ahead of us with the Trump Presidency. Since the new method of mass communication is the tweet, the next state of the Union will be about 15 minutes and will have no details. It will be interesting to see how the neer do well Congress does with “their” candidate. It is my hope that  nothing dire occurs during his tenure but looking at the candidates’ selections for his cabinet one has to wonder what can we expect and the long-range effect. Looking at the first campaign promise to be kept:The Carrier deal is no deal for 1300 people and not much of a deal for the  700 who will remain. Looking at the numbers:7 million is what carrier gets in tax incentives this amounts to three hundred & fifty thousand dollars per  (retained or not) worker. Needless to say not many if any of the remaining workers will be compensated anywhere near the saved thousands per year even with benefits. This leaves the question of where is this money going? Some may go to severance, pension payouts, unemployment or perhaps factory upgrades (robotics?). In the end there will be 1300 fewer jobs in Indiana and 1300 more jobs behind the Southwestern wall. A promise kept on the backs of the workers who supported the Boy King.


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