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I am trying to understand why smokers blow smoke out of the windows of their car and fail to realize that they have more smoke in their lungs than the amount that is blown out of the window. If the reason for hanging 1 hand out of the window for ashes and the smoke from the burning cigarette or what ever the media is , then why smoke at all? All of the known issues due to smoking & using smokeless products should be enough to convince anyone that smoking is bad for you aside from the high cost of smoking (or using smokeless products). Current cost of a pack of 20 is about 5 to 8.00. A carton is $50 to $80 each or the price of 3 to 8 fill-ups in your car, a Doctors visit for a check up, oil change/ car wash or just a meal at a nice restaurant. What’s in your lungs?


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