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This incoming administration will be interesting to watch for an assortment of reasons. To start the financial affairs of the President elect have yet to be sorted out. We need to look at the role of his family in the White house and beyond, the cabinet choices and if the entertainer really wants the job! No matter what is said on the campaign trail, no amount of glib talk, tweets or fast talking will run the Government (which is in reality is the job of the cabinet members). The long time hands on management method of running his companies may prove to be his worst asset. The President of the United States has to be free of all potential conflicts of interest in order to spend 105% of his time on Government work. There is no alternate method. When the reality of the job hits, we may see some really bad actions on his behalf and from the Congress. It is already evident that Congress is in free fall (no matter what Congressional leaders  say). To his agenda: his cabinet picks are the first step in “draining the swamp” for better or worse. Trump’s election while seeming to be a God send for the Dupublicans is a wake up call to all of us. The statements made during and after the campaign will be the movie that voters want to see and if it doesn’t live up to the hype, the Dupublicans, “conservatives” and Trump supporters will be the recipients of “surprise” shifts in national attitude. This  shift will become evident in the next General elections. Remember that Bernie Sanders was not as far away from Trump’s agenda except for the soaring , ranting and irrational rhetoric. I fully expect pushback on this but looking at what has occurred now and in the past I will be proven correct in total or part. It is well to remember that we have a Congress composed of  too many self serving people that we have elected to office too many times and who have  done things in our names to their benefit. Be cautious when you hear “the American People” in any sentence spoken by a member of Congress because we probably did not agree to or know about whatever it is.

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