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Just remember that this past election is not about race, wealth or lack of as much as change as hoped for under President Obama. While Obama attempted to make those changes , many Americans were not behind him. In not supporting him we allowed the neer do well Congress to continue their evil ways which created many of the ills that the non supportive voters were suffering under. Now we have Donald trump who “will drain the swamp”! The changes that will come will ultimately help or harm voters. Keep in mind that the Congress is powered by many of the same people who denied President Obama’s attempts at bettering the American voters lives. Remember the distracting rhetoric about birth certificates, religious affiliation and other things that had nothing to with Governing. The next several years will reveal the true nature of the long serving Congress and Mr. Trump meanwhile the American people who are so often cited will have to remember and pay close attention to what Government is doing in their names without their explicit permission.

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Please Donate

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