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It is unfortunate that the current ruling party of Congress is using fear to advance an agenda that will ultimately harm us all. It is of no consequence what you believe as a group or individual primarily because the ruling party will put forth the agenda that suits them (not us!). I understand that many people select a party affiliation based on any number of ideas (some factual, some not) however looking at the bigger picture you will see that the average time in office for Congress is 10 plus years. These long terms are the result of our rubber stamp votes each election season. If you go to a certain store on a regular basis because of convenience and that store does not provide you with the quality you want, would you continue to patronize them? Put this idea in context of voting for a Congress member. This is not an across the board condemnation of all members of Congress but the current leaders are not the cream of the crop but appear to be self serving lackeys. Now we potentially have a leader who could also be a self serving lackey in spite of his tweets! Our dissatisfaction could very be our own worst nightmare as many of us voted on the basis of superlatives and high sounding rhetoric. “telling it like it is” isn’t the same as governing. First “100 days” statements may prove to be more of a problem than the “new people” think.

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Please Donate

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