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Who attends or doesn’t the inaugural and subsequent after party matter? The coverage on attendees has taken precedent over the hearings on cabinet appointees. The potential good or harm that can be done by these appointees is more important than the celebrants of a party. For instance : there is much talk of spending and taxing. It is a fact that no matter what is said about deficits and surpluses, you cannot spend money on infrastructure without revenue to back it. The revenue is and always has been gained through taxes. The taxes that many of us do not like paying or want to pay. It appears to be the general consensus that we pay too much in taxes but we still want what we want. Understand how America (and most of the modern world) works, every government has to be funded some how. This funding is usually taxes obtained by levies on payrolls, purchases or property. The current administration as well as the new one will have to address the issues of presenting proposals to use existing or creating new ways to finance the country’s needs. The barrier to this is and always will be the United States Congress. The political fighting has always been the biggest sticking point except for the few times where we had real legislators who understood how stuff should be done. You can be dissatisfied and unhappy about paying taxes but without them we would have no functioning government and possibly a worse method of financing the Government such as  confiscation of funds, goods and services. To address the question: “What’s really important?”, elect representatives who will do the job beginning with local, state and federal elections. Ignore the soaring rhetoric and so called “telling it like it is “because it is not “how it is”!

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