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Many of us know or have heard the theme to a cartoon show called “The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour” but as a reminder  the Lyrics are listed below:

ARTIST: Jerry Livingston and Mack David
TITLE: Bugs Bunny Overture (This Is It)

[From Television Theme Song]

Overture, curtain, lights
This is it, the night o’ nights
No more rehearsing and nursing our parts
We know every part by heart

Overture, curtain, lights
This is it, to hit the heights
And, oh what heights we’ll hit
On with the show, this is it

Tonight what heights we’ll hit
On with the show, this is it.

This is just an introduction what the next 4 years will bring. The current flap is over how many people were in the National mall, this was contested on air by the Trump talking heads in spite of photographic proof to the contrary. It appears that we will now have a wave of superlatives instead of facts on what the administration is doing, will do or has done. Looking at what is happening right now and what has gone before we need to prepare for talking points instead of facts. I fully understand that Trumps’ rise is due to his “telling it like it is” but the reality is that “telling it like it is” can come back to haunt you as it seems to be doing even now. The true reason for Mr. Trump’s  ascension is the dissatisfaction with the Government over the past 10-20 years. The “Government “as a lot of folks see it is the President, wrong, the Government is the Congress ,those people we vote for election after election who do very little on our behalf no matter what they tell us. Our elected officials for the most part take the idea of ” when we want your opinion. we will give it to you” to a new level and continue to offer obfuscated information that strokes the public ego while continuing their poor governing ways. No matter what party you associate with , it is wise to push your representative to do what is correct but first you must decide what you want as opposed to what is needed for us all and what is possible. Remember that what you ask for can bring unseen issues that will adversely affect you later with the blessing of your representative. Keep in mind that the people who represent us in Government do not have job issues (save our vote),medical coverage issues or retirement (pension) issues thus it is in our (voter’s) best interest to research the person who represents you now before the next election cycle, you may be surprised what you’ll learn.

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